Welcome to our school !

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of Saint Joseph High School.Saint Joseph High School is founded on traditional Christian values with a belief in respect, courtesy, aself-discipline, attendance and the pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to encourage each and every child to reach the highest levels of academic achievement, creativity and personal development. Our aim is also to create a generation who will be knowledgeable and committed to their faith and values. Saint Joseph High School has a well-known reputation.  Over the past two decades, the school has undergone a massive transformation and has now become a leading school for many of the brightest and the best pupils in the Voiron region and beyond. The creation of a warm and caring environment is a founding principle of our school. Not every child has the same natural ability, but every child has a great potential.  The school’s role is to inspire and ignite the flame of interest and ambition and to cultivate talent so that each child can realize that full potential.We look forward to seeing you soon at Saint Joseph High School.

Thibaut FILIAS